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The Taster (Set of 2)

24K gold executive collection

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Why choose Reign Whiskey Glass sets?

Celebrate Milestones: Elevate gift-giving for every event and occasion.

Quality Matters: 24 karat gold rim crystal presented in a premium gift box.

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Our 24k gold collection is a tribute to the sophistication of the art of whiskey tasting. As whiskey lovers and devotees, we aim to craft whiskey glasses that align with the ‘Mount Everest’ of standards and the most refined tastes. This carefully curated collection is an invitation to traverse a tasting journey from enthusiast to connoisseur with our range of whiskey glassware tailored for every level of expertise and diverse occasions. The gold accents add a touch of luxury to whiskey tasting, whether it's a cherished family celebration or sealing the deal on the business highlight of the decade.

No whiskey collection is complete without a Glencairn, an essential for every respectable whiskey expert. If whiskey tasting has evolved beyond a mere leisure activity for you and are looking to elevate your experience to the top level, the “Taster” is the glass for you.

Widely acclaimed by master blenders and whisky connoisseurs globally, its shape not only preserves every nuanced aroma but also allows pungent alcohol vapors to dissipate.

This luxury collectable is crafted from lead-free crystal and mouth-blown by skilled artisans in Venice, Italy, who have been perfecting the art of glassware for centuries. The pièce de résistance is our signature 24-karat gold rim, lending this jewelry glass a lavish allure and making it a symbol of prestige for the true whiskey specialist.

Order yours today to transform each sip into an intentional moment of appreciation for spirits.

At a glance

  • Designed by and for whiskey enthusiasts

  • Mouth-blown in Venice, Italy

  • 24k-gold rim

  • 100% handcrafted whiskey glasses

  • Lead-free crystal

  • Glencairn glass shape

  • Two 6.5-ounce glasses

  • Premium gift box

Let your whiskey Reign supreme.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Justin R

Since getting these 24k whiskey glasses, my perspective on whiskey has undergone a remarkable transformation. Previously, I never truly appreciated the nuances of whiskey, often opting for casual pours in any available cup, mixed with whatever was on hand. However, these glasses have completely altered my approach to whiskey consumption. The 24k gold rim not only adds an element of sophistication but also serves as a catalyst for a newfound appreciation of the spirit. Drinking from these glasses has elevated me from a novice to a connoisseur, as each sip becomes an immersive experience, savored in the company of those I cherish. These glasses have redefined my understanding of drinking, emphasizing the importance of enjoyment and the camaraderie it fosters. Cheers to savoring every moment, one sip at a time.

Royalty glasses

I got these glasses, and it's like my whiskey went to a five-star resort. The glasses are fancy, my bourbon now thinks it's royalty. Seriously, these glasses are the James Bond of drinkware. My whiskey has never felt so classy, and neither have I. These glasses have turned my casual sip into a whiskey red-carpet event.


Great glasses and great packaging

The Taster (Set of 2)
The Taster (Set of 2) Sale price$79.00 CAD Regular price$99.00 CAD

our commitment to quality

premium glass

We believe that delivering excellence begins with the meticulous selection of materials. Therefore, we source and employ the finest crystal on the market for the utmost clarity, elegance, and aroma enhancement.

signature packaging

Memorable moments call for memorable gifts. Prepared to commemorate your most significant milestones with substance, our distinctive blue and gold soft-touch packaging, featuring a magnetic closure, stands as a statement in itself.


Conceived and envisioned by fellow whiskey enthusiasts, our glasses are entirely handmade in Italy. Craftsmanship is at the core of our brand, as we dedicate ourselves to producing the most distinctive whiskey glasses available online.

Our story

As seasoned whiskey enthusiasts constantly hunt for the next luscious top-shelf bottle, we yearned for whiskey glassware that mirrored our scrupulous selection. In our search for the best whiskey glass on the market, very few options came close to what we were envisioning. That’s when we decided to create something unprecedented: a line of jewelry glassware solely crafted for whiskey lovers. 

It’s an innovative concept meticulously designed to preserve the flavors of traditional whiskey and unfold them sip after sip from the finest whiskey glassware.

Reign’s mission is to take you on a journey from fledgling amateur to discerning connoisseur with its unique set of whiskey glasses. To reach a first-class level of quality, we designed our unique whiskey glasses for different stages of expertise.

We handed our projects to the craftsmen who have dominated the glassware industry for centuries: Venetian artisans who sapiently mouth-blew our unique whiskey glasses one by one. As the crowning touch, we finalized our 100% handcrafted whiskey glasses with a rim of 24 karat gold. The purest and most durable form of gold turns each glass by Reign into a timepiece that can be passed down through generations maintaining its value.

Whether enjoying an Old Fashioned on ice to celebrate with a friend or sipping a neat single malt scotch with your business partner, the perfect glass enriches the experience.

Reign’s whiskey glass set is a debut in the realm of jewelry glassware that offers a confluence of state-of-the-art design and profound heritage, guaranteeing premium quality built to endure.

Beyond material value, the true investment lies in the ultimate tasting experience — a journey where each moment unveils the intricate ensamble of flavors within your prized whiskeys, leaving no nuance unexplored.

Crown your cherished moments with excellence. Crown your cherished moments with Reign.