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24 karat gold collection

executive gift sets

Memorable moments call for memorable gifts. Prepare to commemorate your most significant milestones with substance, our distinctive blue and gold soft-touch packaging, featuring a magnetic closure, stands as a statement in itself. If you are seeking a special gift for whiskey fans, this collection is sure to make an everlasting impression that will remind them of you in the most significant moments of their life.



A traditional whiskey glass set to become a timeless piece that you will never outgrow. Made for you if you embrace a classical style that reveres tradition. Your reliable companion, "The Classic" whiskey glass offers a no-frills, premium experience infused with a touch of luxury. Elevate your whiskey ritual and invest in sophistication tailored to your refined taste.



A luxurious whiskey glass with a sleek design that offers maximum versatility. If you thrive on adaptability, “The Eclectic” is ready to join your metamorphosis. It is your reliable companion on all occasions as it transitions effortlessly between formal gatherings and celebratory moments. If your appreciation for whiskey is as dynamic and vibrant as the world around you, this modern whiskey glass will accompany you on every journey.



Our crystal Glencairn glass is for you, the true expert of whiskey who wants to capture aromas until the final note. Sitting comfortably in your hand, this luxury Glencairn allows for an intentional, meditative tasting experience. The handcrafted design paired with the signature gold rim sets a new standard for whiskey enthusiasts like you.

Reign Whiskey Glass Gift Card

for the thoughtful

The gift card

Whatever your occasion, gift cards are always a good choice. You can buy Reign premium whiskey glass gift cards here and have them sent electronically.

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made for the Whiskey Enthusiast

Our 24k gold collection is a tribute to the sophistication of the art of whiskey tasting. As whiskey lovers and devotees, we aim to craft whiskey glasses that align with the ‘Mount Everest’ of standards and the most refined tastes. This carefully curated collection is an invitation to traverse a tasting journey from enthusiast to connoisseur with our range of whiskey glassware tailored for every level of expertise and diverse occasions. The gold accents add a touch of luxury to whiskey tasting, whether it's a cherished family celebration or sealing the deal on the business highlight of the decade.